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Exploring Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations

October 28, 2023
If you're considering cannabis-friendly travel, here are some destinations where you can explore the culture and products responsibly. Including our location on Sukhumvit Soi 22 – Thai Hybrid Dispensary.

Thailand: Known for its variety of dispensary and bars that have been legalized in June 2022.

Amsterdam: Known for its famous coffee shops where you can enjoy marijuana in a social setting.

Denver, Colorado, USA: One of the first U.S. states to legalize recreational marijuana, offering a variety of dispensaries and cannabis tours.

Jamaica: Experience the birthplace of Rastafarianism and explore the laid-back cannabis culture.

Barcelona, Spain: Known for cannabis social clubs, where members can legally purchase and consume marijuana.

Uruguay: The first country in the world to fully legalize recreational marijuana use, with a growing cannabis tourism industry.

Portland, Oregon, USA: Offers a thriving cannabis scene, with numerous dispensaries and a strong focus on organic and craft cannabis products.

Remember to research and follow local regulations and consumption guidelines when exploring these destinations. Enjoy your cannabis-friendly travels responsibly!

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